Monday, March 21, 2016


To learn about yourself is the most important knowledge you can obtain.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year's Reflection

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
                                                Feeling amazing in the magic of life.

Musical Moment ~ “Grade 8" Ed Sheeran

Dear Peeps: 

I wish for you a sweet moment of reflection on your last 365 days in the year 2015. All of those lovely moments...and the not so lovely ones. May your reflections show you the glory of life even among the crazy days, the horrible news stories, the sadness's of loved ones and strangers, the eye opening moments of seeing those you thought you knew in a different way - whether for good or not so good. May you embrace all this knowledge and move forward better spirits. Say a heartfelt THANK YOU for making it through this year. Not all of us did. 

For 2016, I wish you an amazing year filled with your deepest hopes and wishes fulfilled. May you use the knowledge you learned in 2015 - and all the years before that - to your advantage and live in wisdom, kindness, openness, and (the easiest and hardest thing to do) unconditional love. May all the things you've wanted to accomplish and adventures you've wanted to undertake be jumped into with the unencumbered enthusiasm of your younger, freer self, and I truly hope from the deepest part of my soul that you experience the deepest levels of love imaginable. 

Best and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Wish I May I Wish I Might Be A Fighter Of This Crazy Life

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
                                                Thinking about the youth of today heart is sad and hopeful

Musical Moment ~ “Modulations" Ani Difranco

Fire Island Magic - Photo Credit - Deborah Blake Dempsey

So many damn shootings going over the last few years and now we are escalating at an alarming rate. I'm not going to talk gun control or politics, but I have to wonder - after going to a gun range and handling a Sig Sauer myself - how the complete and overwhelming feelings and knowledge of respect and responsibility of LIFE does not convince more people that pulling the trigger can be an act with life altering results that can affect so many lives and that of a nation. The first time I pulled the trigger I stopped before I shot again and I sat with that moment because it rocked me to my soul. I felt that responsibility. I took that moment so that when I wrote about it in my stories, I never took the act lightly. I wanted to understand what that moment would truly mean. I don't know all the details at the Tennessee State University, but a dice game is no place for a gun to every be pulled, cocked, and shot. Are we so desensitized about human life that taking another persons life or causing injury that leaves someone in a wheelchair or on life-support is so easy to do nowadays? What the hell is going on with our young men that make this a plausible way to deal with anger, grief, confusion, conflict, insecurity, rage, disillusionment, or for them to find a way to define themselves as men in this world? We need a solution. We need to start having honest discussions. We need to start talking to our young people and allowing them to speak their minds and feelings in their own ways and telling us in their own truths - even and maybe especially when it makes us “adults” uncomfortable. Apparently, our young ones are living above a boiler and many of them are starting to blow. What next people? What next? If we don’t begin to talk “with” them instead of “to” or “about” them then nothing will be resolved. Nothing. If this is not a cry for help, I don’t know what is. Are we listening America? Are we?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...

Musical Moment ~ “Dum Diddly" Black Eyed Peas

It's my anniversary! Twenty years ago today, I boarded a plane for NYC leaving my home in Tampa. I grabbed life by the balls and said, "Show me what's next". I had no idea of what I would experience when I left my home, my family, my best friends, and the life I had established--all 24 years of it and a few thousand dollars in my pocket, no job in sight, but a heart full of dreams and a head filled with determination. It's been a wild ride filled with love, laughter, lessons, pain in many of its incarnations, hellos, good-byes, visions, transformations, births, deaths, new friendships, new careers, adventures, and more blessing than I could have imagined. I was not afraid that day I boarded that plane all by myself. I was not afraid when the plane taxied down the run way and I could no longer see my parents worried faces. I was not afraid when I saw the tall, magnificent, and intimidating buildings of NYC, and I was not afraid during my first hurdle of the worst bout of food poisoning two weeks later that still makes me shudder and sweat when I think about it. Twenty years ago today, I took a risk on myself and damn it, it was worth it. I have become someone I am proud of and I am going to keep on walking my path as fierce and as fearlessly as I can. Twenty years ago, I proclaimed myself ready for the world. Today, I proclaim myself Fabulously Fierce at Forty-Four. The door of the world is open. I wonder what is next...

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
                                                Thinking about my next adventure.

Musical Moment ~ “Wait For You" Nelly Furtado

I love my birthday. I know many people may be indifferent or annoyed by the passing of another year of life, but I celebrate it with full zeal. It is the one day of the year that is all about you: when you arrived upon the earth, the people who brought you here (Happy Birthday to you too Meva and Trevor Blake - yes, I give my parents a shout out on my birthday because without them I would not be), the lessons you've learned, the lessons you've ignored, the low, sad moments, and the moments that were so brilliant, heart-warming, funny, and filled with love that you should take the day of your birth to drink it all in. I usually don't work on my birthday and I do whatever my heart wants from getting a massage, having an adventure or just sitting on the couch and reading a book in the quiet. And I always give myself a gift. It's my way of reminding myself that life is precious. It can be longer or shorter than we realize and I want to be as present in my life as I possibly can and enjoy each and every single day I have breath in my body. 

I haven't figured out this year's gift yet. I've been thinking about falconry or taking a lesson on flying a helicopter. We'll see, but I'll definitely let you know which way I go. So my birthday wish is for everyone to have a brilliant joy-filled day and please laugh, laugh, laugh. 


Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years And A Different Kind of Resolution

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .
                                       Embracing the acknowledgement of my writerly efforts.

Musical Moment ~ The buzz of the heater warming up the house and my husband's phone pinging with reminders.


I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but this year I thought I should kick off the year with Intentions for my greater good and this is what I came up with:

Each day I will laugh. 

Each day I will love. 

Each day I will be kind to others. 

Each day I will be kind to myself. 

Each day when I open my eyes I will hug gratitude close to my heart. 

Each day you open your eyes I will embrace the joy of your being. 

Here's to saying good-bye to 2014 and a big ole "Whassup?" to 2015. 

May 2015 be filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and deep, deep love. May the not so good times be only small hurdles to fly over and my your landing on the other side of it be soft and surrounded by the family and friends you need.

Here's to a New Year.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Nightsong by Ari Berk

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .
Realizing physical pain is a great, great teacher. 

Musical Moment ~ SILENCE, just good old-fashioned silence.

I went to the bookstore today and discovered a book called Nightsong written by Ari Berk and illustrated by Loren Long. When I saw the cover of the book with a single flying creature in the night sky with an curious look on its face and the way the used the title to add to the atmosphere of the story I knew nothing about, I picked up with book without looking for the description and when directly to the check out. What a beautiful story about a young bat first venture into the world by itself and its mother’s advise of using its sense. What a wonderful way to prepare yourself and your child for those times they must do things on their own. These words captured me the most:

Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you.”

Doesn't that sentence just make you curious? This is a book to have in ones collection. It's moody and thoughtful with a sense of suspense and a deep sense of love.